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Steffen Foerster Photography

Rise Up

Rise Up

Experience the artistry of movement and the beauty of the natural world in "Rise Up," a captivating limited edition print that freezes a fleeting moment in the unexpectedly tranquil wetlands hidden in the outskirts of New York City. Two yellowlegs, migratory shorebirds with strikingly long yellow legs, share an intimate exchange, a scene bathed in the gentle hues of morning light. Ideal for wildlife photography enthusiasts, admirers of avian elegance, or those seeking a piece that embodies the perfect balance between drama and serenity, this limited edition print brings a touch of the wild to any space.

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Features and details

  • 1 inch white border
  • Signed and numbered
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Limited edition pricing

Pricing for limited edition prints is subject to change based on availability.

Support Wildlife Conservation

We automatically donate 5% of the proceeds to international wildlife conservation. You can select among two recipient organizations during checkout.

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Printed on

Epson Semi Gloss

The flat surface and robust feel of this paper hold color saturation and high-contrast images well. As its name suggests, the surface of this fine art paper is semi-gloss with a resin coating which combined make this a strong yet light paper in the Giclee range.

  • Finish: Semi Gloss
  • Tone: Bright White
  • Weight (gms): 260
  • Texture: Extra Smooth