2024 Audubon Photo Awards Top 100

I am thrilled that three of my images have been awarded among the top 100 entries in the 2024 Audubon Photo Awards! This prestigious bird photography contest received over 8,500 submissions from 2,300 photographers across the United States and Canada.

The National Audubon Society founded in 1905, is dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats throughout the Americas through science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation. Their annual photo contest, now in its 15th year, showcases the diversity, behavior, beauty, and fragility of birds. I am humbled and honored to be part of this unique showcase. You can see all top 100 images here.

Each of my images selected has a special meaning to me and portrays more than just a species of bird. Therefore, I thought I would share a bit of back story around each image in my blog posts. I will talk about the where, how, and why, and their deeper meaning to me. How photographs are perceived is very subjective, so I would love to hear your reaction in the comment sections! 

If you like to hear more details about the locations themselves, the photographic opportunities at each, as well as tips and tricks for creating impactful images, please sign up for my newsletter below. I will share this information in one of my upcoming newsletters. 

To read the back story to the first image, "Catcher in The Rye", click the image below or go here

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